THE FINAL THEORY: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy


A Message from the Author ...

I am very pleased to announce the release of the second major edition of The Final Theory. The first edition has created quite a stir, drawing fire from those reacting to its promotional material, and praise from many others who dismiss these naysayers and read the book for themselves. Both sides have contributed to many lively discussions across the Internet, not only about the book but also about the state of our science itself, which is the very reason the book was written.

As a consequence of all these discussions, as well as emails, from readers and skeptics alike, this second edition has taken shape as a major new update with roughly 25% new material. Numerous formal logical fallacies are identified in today's science and are shown to be the cause and support for many flawed claims and beliefs. Many existing discussions are broadened and deepened, and a number of major new sections, concepts and experiments have been added, along with the usual clarifying diagrams where necessary.

If the first edition left you wanting more, the new 2010 edition will not disappoint. And if you have been wondering what all the fuss is about, now is the time to find out. Enjoy the read!

Mark McCutcheon

Since The Final Theory is currently available only via online orders, the first chapter, plus the bonus excerpt "Cosmology In Crisis" can be viewed prior to purchasing.

View Chapter Now (plus bonus excerpt, "Cosmology In Crisis")

Overview Of Chapter's Key Features:

  • Introduction showing the book's purpose and importance both to science and to our individual understanding of the world in which we live.
  • A clear analysis of our belief in Newton's gravitational force, showing the many flaws in this belief many of which are rarely, if ever, discussed. This in-depth analysis of Newton's ideas is only possible now from the powerful new perspective found in the The Final Theory, which takes a giant step back from today's beliefs to provide the first true understanding of our universe. 
  • A deeper analysis of gravity, showing where Newton's ideas came from, exposing their origin as educated guesswork combined with logically and physically flawed assumptions that crumble under serious scientific scrutiny.
  • A new Geometric Orbit Equation is presented that follows from purely empirical observations, showing how Newton disguised it in terms of his "gravitational force", giving the orbit equation known today and also undue credibility to his theory of gravity.
  • A big-picture overview rethinking the many observations currently attributed to Newton's gravitational force, such as falling objects, rainfall, beliefs in anti-gravity, shooting cannonballs, the weight of objects in our hands, etc.
  • An analysis and critique of Einstein's very different General Relativity explanation of gravity using warped "space-time".
  • The table of contents, showing the many further revelations to come in later chapters.


'Cosmology in Crisis' excerpt Overview:

Today we are told there was a Big Bang event roughly 14 billion years ago that created the universe, that the universe is filled with ten times more unseen and unexplained "Dark Matter" than regular matter, and that it is all accelerating apart faster and faster due to a mysterious endless "Dark Energy" permeating the universe. We are told that various renowned scientists, such as Hubble and Einstein, have either discovered, predicted or supported this view of the universe, and that observation, theory and experiment powerfully confirm it.

But is all of this truly the case? Take a journey back through our cosmological history, from the time of Aristotle through to today, with all the facts revealed, and judge for yourself!