THE FINAL THEORY: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy


About the Author and The Final Theory

Mark McCutcheon holds a combined Electrical Engineering /
Physics degree with advanced elective courses in Quantum
Mechanics and Special Relativity, and has worked with various
research and development teams in the telecommunications
industry and in several university physics research labs.

Despite a conventional scientific education and career, and a
passion for science, Mr. McCutcheon has always remained
keenly aware that there are many unsolved mysteries,
unanswered questions, and unresolved paradoxes in today's
scientific beliefs. As such, he was well prepared for the
inspiration that led to the groundbreaking new scientific
paradigm presented in his best-selling science book,
The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy.

Why The Final Theory?

Todayís popular science book market is dominated by titles
from recognizable science figures that attempt to provide
answers in response to a deep-seated human need to
understand our universe, but unfortunately, none truly deliver
on this expectation. The majority, in essence, amount to
abstract speculation or philosophizing based on already
well-worn underlying themes such as Quantum Mechanics
or Relativity Theory, and, more recently, String
Theory, Dark Matter, and Dark Energy. While these are
fascinating ideas to contemplate, decades on the mysteries and
paradoxes still abound amidst a continual recycling of the
same unresolved issues in each new science book,
documentary, and science magazine.

In sharp contrast, The Final Theory is the only competing
best-selling science title to provide powerful answers in
response to this need for understanding. It shows
where each of our current scientific beliefs first began to lose
their way then sets each area of science back on track,
framed within an entirely new scientific paradigm that
resolves all of the chronic mysteries and paradoxes in todayís
science. Gravity, electricity, magnetism, and light are clearly
and unambiguously explained for the first time, Quantum
Mechanics and Relativity Theory are replaced with
far simpler and more sensible explanations, and beliefs such
as String Theory, Dark Matter and Dark Energy are shown
to be no longer necessary.

More Information on the Book and the
Quest for the Theory Of Everything

The Final Theory finally ushers in the scientific revolution our
scientists have been searching for, solving the mysteries in our
science legacy from Newton through to Einstein. Unlike many
others who make similar claims only to disappoint, this is for
real! Read on and decide for yourself.

Here are just a few of the many quotes exposing our lost
science, direct from our science experts:

"We don't know anything. Everything about gravity is
-- Michael Martin Nieto, theoretical physicist, Los
Alamos National Laboratory. Discover Magazine, October 2003

"Only a few people understand -- or think they
understand -- how a permanent magnet works. The
magnet of everyday life is not a simple thing. It's a
quantum-mechanics thing "
-- Tatiana Makarova, physicist,
Umea University, Sweden. Discover Magazine, December 2002

"Gravity may not be working as advertised. Spacecraft
hurtling through the Solar System have been behaving
so bizarrely that some scientists wonder whether our
theories of gravity are wrong."
-- Charles Seife,
New Scientist Magazine, September 1998

The Final Theory is a newly published science book that clearly
outlines the many unexplained mysteries and irresolvable
discrepancies in today's science .. then presents a new theory
that resolves them into the only fully explained and beautifully
consistent scientific paradigm -- something that has never truly
been done before. Although scientists openly admit there is
much to learn and are often confused, amazed or mystified by
their findings, The Final Theory examines our current scientific
beliefs themselves
-- which we all learn in school -- and clearly
shows that it is these very beliefs that are the problem. How
can the universe be accelerating its expansion with no known
explanation, as today's Big Bang Theory now states? How can
gravity hold us to the planet, constrain our moon in orbit, and
orchestrate the dynamics of our solar system and the entire
universe with no known power source? Even fridge magnets and
charged objects cling via magnetic or electrical energy that
mysteriously never drains -- and has no known power source.

These are clearly impossible feats in plain view, which both our
common sense and even our most elementary laws of physics
say are impossible, but since todayís science canít truly
expllain them it tries to justify and dismiss such issues. We
have weak logical arguments in our science, such as the Work
Function justification (discussed in the book), that attempt to
logically explain away these issues rather than truly physically
explaining them. This is unfortunate since it is these very
everyday mysteries in plain view that hold the clues to the
answers we seek, yet this is also understandable since it is
impossible to truly explain these mysteries from within our
current science paradigm.

What we need, and indeed what our scientists are searching for
intently, is a complete paradigm shift -- known as the Theory of
. Such a theory would usher in a much-needed
scientific revolution, but we cannot achieve this by sheer
willpower. Such lateral leaps must occur in their own time --
often by serendipity in a prepared, educated mind. Just such
a paradigm shift is contained in The Final Theory.
Impossible? Not at all. As mentioned, most scientists today
openly admit that they are actively searching for and eagerly
anticipating such a theory, which is the very reason for all the
scientific investigation that is going on today with enormous
particle accelerators and powerful telescopes such as the
Hubble telescope. Many of our best known and most respected
scientists have published books and written science articles
stating that they expect this final theory to arrive any day now:

"A Unified Physics by 2050?" --- Scientific American article
by Nobel Laureate, Steven Weinberg

Time Magazine Article on The Theory Of Everything

MSNBC Article on The Theory Of Everything

Yet, as eagerly anticipated as this final theory is, it is also a
very controversial and sensitive area for scientists, for several.
reasons. First, this state of affairs leaves our scientists in a
difficult position; on the one hand they are our science authority
and keepers of our knowledge, while on the other hand they are
searching for a theory that may well state that everything they
know is wrong. This is what is meant by a paradigm shift.

This literally means that, while Newton gave us a useful model
of gravity as an attracting force 300 years ago, it was not the
correct physical explanation for falling apples and orbiting
moons, compelling as it is. Also, Einsteinís alternate theory
of gravity -- warped 4-dimensional space-time surrounding all
all objects -- would only be another model, but not the true
description of gravity either. Even Benjamin Franklinís theory
of static electricity and electric charge would also be entirely
re-explained by this new theory. Our very description of the
atom, from Bohr and Rutherford all the way up to todayís
mysterious quantum-mechanical theories would also be shown
as mere models of a deeper physical truth. And yes, our
mainstay of much futuristic science as well as science-fiction,
Einstein's Special Relativity Theory, would also be shown to be
a mere misunderstanding.

Scientists struggle terribly with all of these concepts today;
yet, while many admit this final Theory Of Everything may well
rewrite the physics books, few, if any, may be truly willing to
consider that everything they think they know today is wrong.

A second reason why this final theory is a sensitive area is
because many individuals who are frustrated with the numerous
mysteries in our science, and who rightly do not accept the
justifications and dismissals todayís science offers, have tried
to come up with the answers themselves. And, while this is an
admirable pursuit, it is quite unreasonable to decide to arrive
at a theory that ushers in a scientific revolution simply by will-
power alone; such lateral leaps of understanding cannot be
forced, much as we might wish they could. As a result, in
recent decades the scientific community has suffered many
unpleasant encounters from so-called "kooks" or "cranks" who
push their pet theories relentlessly, often without a solid under-
standing of todayís science and despite clearly fatal flaws in.
their own theories. Many scientists resent these amateur
theorists and view them as corrupting our science, while some
scientists even feel personally harassed by a few of them.

Due to these two effects, there is now an unofficial moratorium
on new "theories of everything" from the public. The scientific
community generally dismisses any and all such claims, as
does the science media. So, what happens if the true Theory
Of Everything actually does arise in the mind of a scientifically
educated individual, as is bound to happen eventually if such a
theory is possible, but one who has no published papers and
does not hold an official academic position? Both the scientific
community and the science news media would dismiss it, sight
unseen, as just another wild theory from the public, leaving it in
obscurity. All that could be done is to write it out clearly and
professionally and hopefully publish it in a book. But even once
this milestone is achieved, there is such a strong aversion to
"outside" theories -- even from rational, scientifically educated
individuals -- that the scientific community and science news
media are still highly unlikely to acknowledge it. Meanwhile,
millions of people remain disillusioned with the state of our
science and hunger for answers and understanding.

So, the natural path to take is to bring the book directly to the
public, which is what this website is all about. The Theory Of
Everything has truly arrived! Unfortunately, this is far from a new
claim; many so-called "pseudo-scientists" have also made this
claim. So, this website was set up to give as much information
as possible to show that the author has a firm grasp of today's
scientific beliefs before presenting the new paradigm. Since
The Final Theory is currently only available for online orders and
is not available in stores at the moment, as much of the book
content as possible and reasonable has been made available for
consideration. You are invited to explore this website as well as
the publisher's site, and even contact the author by email if you
wish. The Final Theory is for real. The Theory Of Everything has
finally arrived!

"Mighty, sublime, wonderful, as have been the achievements
of past science, as yet we are but on the verge of the
continents of discovery. Where is the wizard who can tell what
lies in the womb of time? Just as our conceptions of many
things have been revolutionized in the past, those which we
hold to-day of the cosmic processes may have to be
remodeled in the future. The men of fifty years hence may
laugh at the circumscribed knowledge of the present and
shake their wise heads in contemplation of what they will term
our crudities, and which we now call progress. Science is ever
on the march and what is new to-day will be old to-morrow."
-- Paul Severing, 1910 (from Marvels of Modern Science)