THE FINAL THEORY: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy




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Professional Reviews

"The Final Theory
replaces much of what we
think is absolute with a simple unifying principle
that eliminates many idiosyncrasies and
contradictions of our current theories. It makes one
think about that which is taken for granted as
absolute in physics and realize there is alot that is
truly unknown.
--- Steve Maillet, Most Valuable Professional
     recipient, MVP Insider

"My favorite science theory of the year!"

-- Chris Benfield, Science Writer, Yorkshire Post

Reader Reviews

"Clarity And Careful Thought"

"Its the extra care the author takes with each concept that
brings a wonderful focus to the essential. There is, in fact,
just the right amount of math in the optional sections. With
this work we finally get back to making progress in science,
instead of just treading water. Alot of people are going to
benefit -- five stars!"

-- Mark Russell Aldridge, Raleigh, NC, U.S.A


"The Future of Science?"

"This is truly an outstanding book. I have been searching for a
long time to find a sensible secular scientific explanation of the
universe. Currently the standard theory, representing the
opinion of the majority of researches from various disciplines,
has all the hallmarks of a theory in collapse. The latest
information from the Chandra deep field infa-red and X-ray
survey (showing complete stars and galaxies at extreme
distances have a quite normal stellar population), the Sloan
Digital Sky high definition galaxy survey (showing a pattern
that is not indicative of current theory), gravitational anomalies
from orbital data receives by deep space probes, the
necessity for introducing unreal amounts of dark matter and
energy to account for galactic orbital characteristics, the failure
to find evidence of gravitational particles or mediators at
CERN, tends to confirm this state of affairs.

With the arrival of McCutcheon's book the 'Final theory' I feel
at last I have found a solid theory realistically built on simple
basic principles from the ground up. McCutcheon, in an almost
kindly way, leads us gently to inescapable conclusions. His
clear cut, precise and rational explanations are beautiful to
follow. So much so it is quite clear that the single principle
elucidated by McCutcheon and from which he draws the
understanding of all physical phenomena, from the atom to the
galaxy and everything in-between, must surely replace our
current thinking.

A very telling section of the book, which has the hall mark
of truth, is the knifelike dissection of the standard
explanations for gravitational attraction of fixed and orbiting
bodies postulated by Newton and developed by Einstein
showing where assumptions are made and how they are
built entirely on flawed reasoning and even erroneous
mathematics -- clearly explaining why this is so McCutcheon
then shows the ease with which any orbiting body can
influence every other in the universe, immediately, without
time and without the tremendous unseen attraction forces
being involved. The natural geometry of all bodies is to move
in curved trajectories determined by size and not by mass.
Einstein's "time is relative" is replaced by McCutcheon's "size
is relative". Space is again regulated to being absolutely
nothing as it should be and time is again constant throughout
the universe. But it doesn't stop here. His analysis of the
current theory of atomic structure, and replacement for it
including chemical bonding is brilliant.

I have no hesitation in saying that this publication is an
incredible achievement. It is the breath of scientific fresh air
that has been far too long in coming. It is contains important
and essential principles underling all physical phenomena.
Don't be put off by individual or institutional prejudice and
recourse to superior knowledge or qualifications. This book
is the future of science."

-- Gerard Hoskins, New Zealand


"Simple yet mind boggling!"

"McCutcheon's theory gets you looking at science in a totally
different way! Could this be the Unified Theory we've been
looking for all these years? Is it really that simple? The author
certainly makes a hard case worthy of addressing in the
scientific community. Move over Newton, Einstein, and
Hawking, get ready for the revolution! McCutcheon has quite
possibly laid the ground work for the future of physics! Two
enthusiastic thumbs up! Followed by 5 Stars!

-- Dru James, Writer and Game Creator, Toronto, Canada


"Most fascinating non-fiction book I've ever read!"

"The best scientists are children. They approach the world
with a totally fresh and honest perspective and make us stop
and see things in a different light. The most amazing thing
about this book is Mr. McCutcheon's perspective. He
basically says that the established models on gravity, light,
electricity and space are wrong and he offers a completely
different explanation for all of them. A simple, elegant
explanation that at first seems impossible, but on further
examination one finds that it's not that easy to refute. Our
perspective is affected by what we've been taught, and in fact,
those internal working models have given us blind spots. The
more I contemplate his ideas, the more I contemplate his ideas.
Absolutely fascinating book. And if he's even partially right,
he's tossing physics on its head and taking technology in a
totally new direction. Five stars!"

Steve Hanson, Mankato, MN, U.S.A


"A Compelling Read"

"At the worst, a 'must have' handbook for the science teacher.
At the best, an interesting conjecture and another way of
looking at at things which will, hopefully, help to unravel a
physics woefully in need of new thinking. Hmmm, I wonder
what Feynman would say ..."

-- Santa Ana, CA, U.S.A


"Amazing Book!"

"The Final Theory utterly brings down Grand Unified
Theoritical work of the last several decades. I first bought the
book to read out of curiousity. However after reading it and
thinking over it and testing a few ideas I have been unable to
find any flaw with it. Science's current description of the 4
forces (gravity, electro-magnetism, Weak Nuclear Force,
Strong Nuclear Force) have been flawed for years. The Final
Theory shows how much these forces are misunderstood by
science today. Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Super String,
GUTs, Big Bang, Antimatter, and more are exposed as the
flawed theories they have always been. The very nature of
matter and atoms have been overlooked for the last century,
but this book shows why this has happened. Implications of
this new theory are huge. This book is a must read for anyone
who claims to love science and seeks answers to why physical
laws function as they do."

-- Cody R. Perkins, U.S.A