THE FINAL THEORY: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy


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Take the Next Scientific Leap Beyond Newton and Einstein ...

Tired of the Endless Science Mysteries? Solid Answers Have Finally Arrived!

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No doubt you have noticed the ever-growing science mysteries: "Dark Matter", "Dark Energy", "Superstrings", "Hidden Dimensions", "Parallel Universes", "Quantum Paradoxes", "Relativistic Mysteries", "Time Travel", "Virtual Particles", multiple theories of gravity, frequent "anomalies" .. and the list goes on. Meanwhile, the science media charges on with a constant stream of new headlines with little concern over serious discrepancies with each previous one, leaving behind a growing trail of more questions than answers.

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The ongoing struggle for answers and pressure to publish and fascinate has increasingly replaced classic scientific investigation and reporting with often-wild speculation and conjecture more akin to science-fiction than solid science. Although we have achieved much with our current theories and models, their limits have now been stretched to their breaking points.

But now you can finally move beyond all the endless speculation and backflipping and find the solid answers you deserve. Read on and discover the viable new scientifc perspective that returns your birthright to understand your universe.

A Science Gone Wrong

We all depend on our science to help us understand our world and our place within it, but if science itself begins to head down the wrong path, before long it can veer far off course, taking all of us along with it – often for centuries.

The Final Theory shows where this has occurred in our science, starting with Newton and accelerating with Einstein. As a result, we now have a fractured science often filled with chronic disagreement and repeated puzzlement.

See the confusion in the science headlines and the fatal flaws in today's science for yourself.

The Bestselling New Scientific Perspective

The Final Theory is the first science book to step entirely outside today's increasingly troubled science and view it from a completely new perspective that unravels all the mysteries, showing precisely where the wrong turns have been made and providing solid answers to the many problems plaguing our science. It has remained atop numerous physics bestseller lists at and other booksellers because it presents the first credible scientific alternative to the current mainstream beliefs that are producing all the mysteries and paradoxes today.

See this latest published article detailing the book and theory!

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If you read just one science book this year ... Make it this one!
The ultimate understanding -- the Theory of Everything, sought by Aristotle, Newton, Einstein, Hawking and many others, is expected to bring clarity and understanding that is unknown today, via one overlooked principle in nature. So far, this quest has produced theories such as Special Relativity, General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics, and the recent "Dark Matter" and "Dark Energy" proposals in cosmology. Yet, these all suffer serious problems and compatibility issues, introducing far more questions, and the Theory of Everything continues to elude us, leaving a divided scientific community with no clear way forward.

The Final Theory shows why this is occurring, exposing centuries of well-intentioned but misguided scientific thought, and showing that the various known forms of energy actually arise from a single unifying scientific principle that we have overlooked or misunderstood for centuries. For the first time, this new principle finally explains and unites gravity, light, electricity, magnetism and atomic structure, replacing many of today's theories with this single scientific principle – a powerful candidate for the final Theory of Everything that demystifies and explains our world. Now you can join the quest by reading this revealing account of the state of today's science, and the next likely way forward!

New in the 2010 edition:
25% new and extended material
Analysis of the logical fallacies behind our current theories and beliefs
Simple experiments revealing current flawed science and the new principle
Important sections on General Relativity, the Crisis in Cosmology and more!

The Final Theory of Everything

The concept of a final Theory of Everything based on one overlooked unifying physical principle has been a main goal of physics for centuries, but no scientifically credible proposals have ever arisen, and many have cried "wolf!" on this issue, tarnishing this critical pursuit.
The Final Theory overturns this now sizable negative preconception of 'theories of everything' by delivering a powerful and definitive rewrite of the physics books that leaves no stone unturned and is based on one single overlooked scientific principle in nature. In the process it does precisely what the hoped-for Theory of Everything is expected to do – show precisely where and why our current beliefs have failed us, and how to rethink things from an entirely new, viable scientific perspective.

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Spotlighted Media Coverage and Reviews:

Subject of feature article in "The Grantham Journal" (main paper of Newton's birthplace region)
 Author appeared as featured guest on "Heads-Up America" syndicated radio program
"My favorite science theory of the year!

--- Chris Benfield, Science Writer, from feature article, "
Yorkshire Post" 

"The Final Theory replaces much of what we think is absolute with a simple unifying principle that eliminates many idiosyncrasies and contradictions of our current theories. It makes one think about that which is taken for granted as absolute in physics and realize there is alot that is truly unknown."
--- Steve Maillet, Most Valuable Professional recipient, "MVP Insider"

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